E kaash kabhi yun ho jaye
jo b main sochun sach ho jaye…………..
wakai me maja aa jaye
aankh khule aur tu aa jaye…. …..
ho jaye uranchoo gham sabke
aur charo oor khushiyaan cha jaye…….
jis sham ho tu sath
kaash ki roj wohi shaam ayeeee
hath me ho hath tera
aur wakt wahi tham jaye………….
E kaash kabhi yun ho jaye
jo b main chahun sach ho jaye…………


इंतियाज़ … :)

खो गयी है कलम दवात मेरी
की कागज पे रंग भरे ज़माना हो गया ..
शेर-ओ- शायरी होती नै अब मुझसे
की अक्सर दिल टूटे ज़माना हो गया..
तनहा रह जाती है आँखे अब रातों में
की अश्क भूल गए पता इधर का ..
न खाली दिल है ना अकेले हम
की हो गयी है शादी और मिल गया हमदम …………



Aajkal jaane kyu..
Khoya hua lagta hai kuch
Kaali raaton me
Chat ko taakte hue
Lagta hai kuch to tha
Kuch. To tha jo gayab hai

Haan… taare shayad
in nakli roshniyon me
Raunak dab gyi hai inki
Chamak dhundhla gyi hai shayad
Na maaloom ab ye Kya kehti hongi…
Kya koi baatein krta hoga unse ab bhi?
Ya ye b yu hin kho gyi hai
Is chakachaundh me….

Ya fir baarish hogi…
Uski boonde ab bhati nai utni
Jaise kabhi
Man ko lalcha jaati thi
Bijli ki garaj rom rom behka jaati thi
Haan magar yaad us
Kagaj ki naav aur unki race ki
Aaj bhi
Man loobha jaati hai…

Jaane Kya dhoondti hoo
Jhankti hui
Ghar k taako me…
Aur kabhi unpe rakhi kitabon me…
Kya bachpan unme hota hai?
Nai na?

Haan magar
Jab unhi kitbon se
ek mor ka pankh
Fisalata k god me aa girta hai….
Muskurahat aur kuch yaadon ke sath thora to bachpan laut aata hai…

Muddat beet gyi
Us bachpane se mile hue
Kya mujhe hi bas vo yaad aata hai?

Awestruck by BAHUBALI!!!

Okay so m writing this post after a long time…

And the reason is BAHUBALI 2 the movie.. I had stopped watching bollywood movies but this is the first time in my life that I have been touched by a movie so much that I watched it twice in cine plex and m still ready to go for it… for the umpteenth time if I can…

This is the first movie which I don’t consider waste of money.. The story aside the cinematography the visualization the little details of the movie is inspiring to the core of heart…

I know people will consider it to be overdone but the hype was not wrong,it’s totally worth it… The music gave me goosebumps every damm time.. 

If only I could get whole soundtrack and just not the songs…

The connections and the emotions are shown so beautifully that you will find it to be dwelling in themselves…

I can’t describe in few words what I felt watching this movie..

Yes somethings are lill extreme but apart from that the movie is one of a kind and a must watch for everyone..#bahubali2 

The Time Apart From Writing…..

It’s almost a year since I posted something or even written something for myself….

Seems like yesterday I posted last the poem.. about him..

well I got married and the ride have been a roller coaster so far…

shockingly surprising and I tempt to close my eyes and let it all in..

I shifted to whole other country , which in fact in itself is amazing..

here only two of us makes the whole world..

it has changed me( marriage ) and my beliefs  about life love.. even my perspective about things..

started a new hobby 
I will write about them not today though..today i am just releasing the brakes on my hands and on my mind..

see you soon again.. 🙂

Right now

U have no idea how much I miss you
How much I want to be there with you
Right now I wanna see you
I want to hold you in my arms right now
Just hear your voice
And sleep on your shoulders right now
I just want to feel
Wat it’s like to be with you and
If I hug u and u hug me back
I want to feel ur heart beat with my palms
And cross it with my hand right now
I suck at talking out about my feelings
And I end up with sarcasm
But I really really wish that
You would be here
With me right now
I just need you in my life right now….
I just miss you like hell right now…..