Happiness is fantasy & fantasy is not real…..

HAPPINESS— it’s the golden pot at the end of every dream, hope, success & determination.

every human being works their ass off and for what? 2 coarse meal & luxury which leads to happiness

But why people need happiness or to find it so hard?

Our world is filled with the circumstances and people just waiting to snatch it away people lie, cheat, stab in the back,sneak in your life, they are selfish, they don’t care about others all of this plus if you are dependent you have to listen every bullshit & bear everyone (even those you wont share earth with), if you are independent – you have to be self-aware all the time, take care of bills, grocery, garbage even.

people are so distressed & depressed over life, recovery, raise, appraise that they are not happy anymore.

So seems like it’s not easy to come by these days….

people who see things & hear voices are mentally sick they say..

they suffer a lot no doubt there  but they are damn lucky in some ways— they see who so ever they want, talk to whom so ever they want, they live with the people who got killed,died or they lost at least they think they had that experience.

And they my friend are HAPPY

So the question that comes in my mind is — IS BEING CRAZY WHAT IT TAKES TO BE HAPPY????


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