Today , on my way back home the metro got stuck due to technical after waiting for at least 30 min at single station I went down so that I can see another route.

But the rush and the auto rickshaw no one seems to stop and interested in me or any other people like me standing for going home.

After trying 30 min of continuous search of auto despite of my fear of cops, I went to one and ask that whether I was on the right side of road, he to my surprise readily helped me with getting an auto for half way my home…..

I gave lift to a south Indian couple as they were trying to get an auto too for a long time.

I imagine these crisis times are the ones which brings true nature of human beings, also the time has come when the human are so dependent on the machines that even a small metro breakdown has seems like crisis to us.

that couple was here for an interview, when I moved I saw them searching for a way, so I stopped and called upon, but they never imagined a stranger will call them so I had to ask a man who was kind enough to call them for me the driver said y u care let’s go but I said no they look like they need it.

The cop was so genuine and he gave the direction to the driver to stop at the bus stop. The wicked driver just for few bucks I imagine dropped us before the stop and started asking equal money from both of us. I refused to pay from both of us as it was I who gave them a ride, the driver was quite upset and for a moment there I felt bad but the guilt was gone as soon as I realized that I have to walk a long walk to reach the stop.

Just yesterday while I was in ladies coach in metro, there was a guy on wheel chair handing out flyers for funds for opening a school for poor kids and was open to any donation from 10 -100 rs.

When the curious ladies started enquiring for the progress he said that he is searching for the teachers who can teach the kids.

I told him that if he is really searching for teachers then in Sunday camps I could teach the kids as I have done it before also I would do it for free as I really like to help him out on his generous thought, and his reply was” sister you people only commit but never show up, we need real help(money)” .

That made me suspicious I said if u really want to help and teach kids I am there I gave him my mail id and name so that he can contact me if he really is having any camp for kids, but I didn’t gave him any money.

The other ladies on the contrary were pleased with his talking and gave him around 300 bucks. God knows if he was real or not.

Today’s time already lost most of its emotions and sensitivity, and these incidences and people are taking what’s left of it in the world………………


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