I dont wanna be the music box…………..

here i am again, after a long long time. around a year have past, a lot has changed

i got a job a nice one , shifted to my own room left the pg, i hv a nice small  library, i always wanted one, a cozy room in which i can be myself. pretty good right?

but apart from that i hv changed

i use to be so emotional that every little titsy bitsy thing got me upset, but now i think after  a long time of ……. what do u call it LIFE i guess i am somewhat strong, it does effect me but now noonw can know that it does, some may think i hv became heartless , but watever……

my birthday is coming up n people askin “wat u want this bday?” n when i think about it i am blank..

i dnt know wat i want or i guess i m fed up of expecting something good n never getting it…

after many many attemps of crying out loud that wati want n wat i like m on shut down mode.

i dnt share my feelings with anyone, i dnt say wat i really want or mean , n its not good i hv became more sarcastic, morbid, and irritated all the time, and thats not good

i hv became like that music box which has awesome n lots of song inside it but everyone forgets about it and after a time it becomes stiff and doesn’t play even people try…

i dont wanna be the music box…………….


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