M good to go…………

After a long time I was sad,upset and wanted to cry.. It was no biggy my cab left me @ ofc and whatever the reason may be- miscommunication or something I was angry. And wen m angry to an extent I usually cry every damn time, and then I become sad and lonely. Its a vicious cycle. And my most stupid decisions are taken at these times – like calling the ones I miss the most or I stopped talking to them or becoming vulnerable. And mostly I gt upset on small things only. Silly me I use to do everytime I wanted to call a certain person and cry my heart out but this time it was different. I didn’t wanted to call him/her. Ya I wanted someone to be here but just for once and then the feeling was gone. I stopped myself and certainly it was okay.. I didn’t needed anyone else to fix my problems. . Suddenly I was sufficient. More than enough to deal with my stuff. And I knew m good to go.


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