Micro Moments : 1

so the other day i was coming from a function and i was not getting any convenience half way …

after sometime a rickshaw came and he agreed to take me but he asked for 40rs. which i thought was way more but i agreed as it was getting late…

10 minutes passed but i was still far away from my home I realised that my home is actually far and the fare is more than fine- this made me feel guilty that I  was getting frustrated without any reason.

SO when i reached home i gave him 30 rs and said please wait so that I can get more change from my house, and i returned with 10 rs and a chips packet: i gave it to him and said ” bhiaya ye isliye ki apne mujhse galat paise nai mange, Thank you”( this is for you as You didnt asked for extra bucks, Thanks).

And his face:  i could never forget the smile and the happiness i saw on his face….

his eyes light up and he started laughing and kept the packet.

and i never felt that GOOD in a long long time………

this made me realise that happiness can be shared and u cn be happy by giving happiness to others……

after that i started noticing & focusing that what i can do for others to make them happy…….

  • I bought snacks for all the labors in my factory
  • I bought a grammar book for my junior staff ( he wanted to learn english)

till now that’s it……

but i make sure that i do something good each day-

 so I always offer my seat in Metro to someone who needs it, no matter how tired i am ……..

and I

hope to continue……


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