So It was a new year’s eve My first new year far from home and alone

I went to this club I stood on the top floor and watched as the couples danced together They all looked same yet each was unique in its own way Some were really happy and cheerful and jumping Some were so slow and just grooving and checking out others Some were lost in each other’s eyes Some were really good dancers and Some making so silly moves and enjoying that in thier own way………

That made me think… Each one is a couple eachone think they’re gonna end together but how many will actually do that? They were so comfortable with each other so in love But were they really?

as the night passed girls were blooming ….

some were drunk as hell and as i went to the dance floor i looked around

they were falling and guys were trying to catch them, some were just sitting like they cnt move and the guys,…

i dont know some were happy and few were worried…

why would girls do that??

how can they trust someone so much?

trust is a virtue

but i think they are lucky that they can actually trust someone not like me that i wont beliee in anyone….

but i have my valid reasons………..

but in this case i think too much trust is a BAD thing

only if they wouldn’t trust their partner much they would have drunk that much you know…

there was a married couple the wife was so so drunk that his husband and sister were not even able to take her outside………

i helped them took her and took her downstairs.

but why did it happened?

coz she knew she would be okay with his husband

another couple.. i asked the girlfreind “how much and what did u drink?”

she replied : ” i dont know he gave me the drinks and i took it”


why wnt u ask what the hell u r taking?

well i just wish that people put their trust in right people…………..


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