Micro Moments : 4

They say that a lonely person is most likely to offer his hands on for help rather than a happy one I disagree Ya i was lonely and sad and grumpy but I helped people at that  time too But now I am happy feel awesome and cheerful all day and I still help people I do it even more often now I talk to people I make them smile It makes me feel good too U know Today and yesterday I wished every metro employees happy new year I never have done that before…… I helped that drunk lady , I never talked to her before….

I never expected anything in return But in the evening I went out to eat something, so I went to this shop on which one time I met a guy begging for money but I gv him food instead. As I was standing there and talking to the shopkeeper as I do always the other man standing beside me said ” happy new year” I must say I was happy at least there are some people like me. Who have good in their heart See in my opinion good heart doesn’t always mean that u donate or keep helping random people, a good heart is the heart which spread happiness and kindness, doesn’t mind bringing smile to other people faces Wether they are stranger or not….


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