Awestruck by BAHUBALI!!!

Okay so m writing this post after a long time…

And the reason is BAHUBALI 2 the movie.. I had stopped watching bollywood movies but this is the first time in my life that I have been touched by a movie so much that I watched it twice in cine plex and m still ready to go for it… for the umpteenth time if I can…

This is the first movie which I don’t consider waste of money.. The story aside the cinematography the visualization the little details of the movie is inspiring to the core of heart…

I know people will consider it to be overdone but the hype was not wrong,it’s totally worth it… The music gave me goosebumps every damm time.. 

If only I could get whole soundtrack and just not the songs…

The connections and the emotions are shown so beautifully that you will find it to be dwelling in themselves…

I can’t describe in few words what I felt watching this movie..

Yes somethings are lill extreme but apart from that the movie is one of a kind and a must watch for everyone..#bahubali2 


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