If I could……

I am a demanding type of girl

I want everything from the world

if I could stay with someone

I want to stay with you

if I could hold something

I want to hold your hand forever

if I could look over something

I want to look at you forever & ever…

if I have to  just walk into oblivion

I want to walk with you

if I Have to stand

I want stand by your side…

if I have to just stay still

I would want to be still on your shoulder

if I have to imagine

I will imagine to be with you right now

if I have to dream

I will dream a future with you

if I could any anything in the world

I will have you and only you

as you mean

and you are to me the whole world……….


Micro Moments : 7

20150404_173851[1]Let me start with – do you notice the little kid behind the pole? YES ? now who is he?

He is the son of the person who sell tobacco & snacks at the roadside at my bus stop of my office. and I watch him almost everyday some days when mom is not around he even deals with the customers. 🙂 he has a brother too who always keeps fighting and playing at the same time, and do you notice the small tap at the left corner? that’s the potable water selling stand. the guy who own this is a friendly guy how i know? he always plays with the kids and never stops the little one from his cute mischiefs.

so here can you guess what this small yet curious guy doing??

well HE IS GUIDING & INSTRUCTING THE WORKERS TO HOW THEY LEFT A CORNER UNDONE 😛 and to my surprise they actually listen and the leader heard the kid very patiently and accto his wish told his workers to fix the spot.

this whole incidence was so cute and refreshing that I couldn’t help but click a pic of the kid before he eloped..


So I went to this place few days ago and as I was sitting there the lady who owned the place was playing some old songs one by one… After a while I started to put my attention towards the lyrics and I noticed something – every other song had moon in it. Either it was used as a prop or described for the nature but mostly it was used for comparison with the female’s face in order to prove that they are beautiful. .

Ye chand sa roshan chehra (your face is full of light as moon)

Chand si mehbooba ho meri(I wish someone as pretty as moon for me)

Mera Chand mujhe aya hai nazar ( i have seen my moon in you )

mere samne wali khidki me ek chand ka tukra rehta hai ( the girl who lives next door is a soul of moon)

chand se mukhra kyu sharmaya ( why a moon face is so shy?) 0.0

Choudavi ka chand ho, ya afatab ho. ( are you a full moon or a spark )

Etc etc…. And I started to wonder –  is moon really a compliment? ? What exactly is moon? A satellite which doesn’t have its own light but it absorbs sun’s, its full of holes which are visible from the earth, it’s not consistent it changes each day and disappear after every few days…..

Then tell me oo so sincere writers When you are saying the love of your life is like moon what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that she is a parasite sucking the light of your life? Or you’re saying that she is full of imperfections and issues? Or you’re saying that as moon is such a regular thing now that being there is no big deal that your girl is like any other person? Or are you are saying that as the moon changes its persona each day your girl has infinite number of faces and you can’t figure out how is she in reality?? So here’s my question again


Meri maa

Jo tu hoti yahan
Sir rakh k so jati
God me teri..
Jo hoti tu yahan
Sir mera dabati
Aur sehlate hue sulati.. .
Thori udaas jo hoti main
Jo thora hoti pareshan
Tere kandhe pe sir rakh k roti main
Jo tu hoti yahan
Yaad aye to kya karun
Ki ro b to nai sakti
Tu jaan jaati hai aur
Hoti hai behaal
Kaash tu hoti yaha
Ki yaad aati hai
Mujhe meri maaa.. ..

Micro Moments: 6

Days are going by okay actually more than okay nowadays. . the other small gesture which made me very glad and I like to share it… Yesterday I went out for dinner to this place and ordered stuffed parathe and the waiter asked what I want with it I asked for cold drink he said that’s not available. . That made me sad and I said it’s okay bhaiya mujhe to wahi chahiye tha. . ( its okay I only wanted that and nothing else will do). So my order was served and I started eating just then the waiter returns with a bowl of dal (pulse), and kept it on my table. I was shocked I said u haven’t ordered this, to my surprise he replied ” madam ji aapne kuch mangaya nai na sath me isliye sir ne bhijwaya hai aapke liye”( ma’am u haven’t ordered anything else with it hence the owner had sent this for you and its in the house). I was like…it made me glad and I thanked the owner for his such act of goodness……

Micro Moments : 5

The other day I was sitting in metro coming back home I met this cute baby- he keep smiling and try to snatch my earplugs. After sometime I actually gave it to him and the moment I did it he lost interest and moved on to the other guys earplugs. … Sweet and a mere reflection of human nature We want what we cant have.. And die for it and the minute we gt it we are not happy anymore and want something else…

Micro Moments : 4

They say that a lonely person is most likely to offer his hands on for help rather than a happy one I disagree Ya i was lonely and sad and grumpy but I helped people at that  time too But now I am happy feel awesome and cheerful all day and I still help people I do it even more often now I talk to people I make them smile It makes me feel good too U know Today and yesterday I wished every metro employees happy new year I never have done that before…… I helped that drunk lady , I never talked to her before….

I never expected anything in return But in the evening I went out to eat something, so I went to this shop on which one time I met a guy begging for money but I gv him food instead. As I was standing there and talking to the shopkeeper as I do always the other man standing beside me said ” happy new year” I must say I was happy at least there are some people like me. Who have good in their heart See in my opinion good heart doesn’t always mean that u donate or keep helping random people, a good heart is the heart which spread happiness and kindness, doesn’t mind bringing smile to other people faces Wether they are stranger or not….


Today , on my way back home the metro got stuck due to technical reasons.so after waiting for at least 30 min at single station I went down so that I can see another route.

But the rush and the auto rickshaw no one seems to stop and interested in me or any other people like me standing for going home.

After trying 30 min of continuous search of auto despite of my fear of cops, I went to one and ask that whether I was on the right side of road, he to my surprise readily helped me with getting an auto for half way my home…..

I gave lift to a south Indian couple as they were trying to get an auto too for a long time.

I imagine these crisis times are the ones which brings true nature of human beings, also the time has come when the human are so dependent on the machines that even a small metro breakdown has seems like crisis to us.

that couple was here for an interview, when I moved I saw them searching for a way, so I stopped and called upon, but they never imagined a stranger will call them so I had to ask a man who was kind enough to call them for me the driver said y u care let’s go but I said no they look like they need it.

The cop was so genuine and he gave the direction to the driver to stop at the bus stop. The wicked driver just for few bucks I imagine dropped us before the stop and started asking equal money from both of us. I refused to pay from both of us as it was I who gave them a ride, the driver was quite upset and for a moment there I felt bad but the guilt was gone as soon as I realized that I have to walk a long walk to reach the stop.

Just yesterday while I was in ladies coach in metro, there was a guy on wheel chair handing out flyers for funds for opening a school for poor kids and was open to any donation from 10 -100 rs.

When the curious ladies started enquiring for the progress he said that he is searching for the teachers who can teach the kids.

I told him that if he is really searching for teachers then in Sunday camps I could teach the kids as I have done it before also I would do it for free as I really like to help him out on his generous thought, and his reply was” sister you people only commit but never show up, we need real help(money)” .

That made me suspicious I said if u really want to help and teach kids I am there I gave him my mail id and name so that he can contact me if he really is having any camp for kids, but I didn’t gave him any money.

The other ladies on the contrary were pleased with his talking and gave him around 300 bucks. God knows if he was real or not.

Today’s time already lost most of its emotions and sensitivity, and these incidences and people are taking what’s left of it in the world………………


Dreams which arises from core of heart

Dreams which follows till death from start

Dreams are free from any kind of boundaries

The only thing which can move through countries

Doesn’t need sleep to see

Not necessary you are what you look to be

It’s a key to success

Only thn which cnt be in excess

Failure wonnt run until it is

The thing which makes ur mind n peace

Seems as bright as top of the hill

Require hard work to be fulfilled

Don’t feel poor if unable to do so

Coz d real poor is d one

Who is unable to see a dream